Notre Histoire

Le petit bol de gruau

My love story with oats started in a cozy Montreal kitchen, surrounded by some of my favorite people. It’s also where I saw my love for food turn into a full-blown obsession.

On a Saturday morning, sitting at Dorothy and Richard’s kitchen table with a cup of freshly brewed Irish breakfast tea, I had my first properly made bowl of oatmeal – or porridge as they called it. Simply drizzled with our very own Quebec maple syrup, it had nothing to do with the flavoured oatmeal packs. As I clasped the little bowl, I felt an instant warmth and I knew that I had just been introduced to something so simple, yet so utterly comforting.

Ever since then, oats have been a staple in my daily routine (more often paired with coffee nowadays, though), whether as the trusted and true maple oatmeal bowl or as a dessert or snack. A few years later, I started making granola, which became a favourite topping for yogurt, ice cream, salads, and cake as I experimented with flavours and textures.
Finalement, Talla's Cantina a vu le jour, grâce à mes amis, ma famille, et surtout mon mari qui était là autant pendant les rires que les larmes, toujours armé de patience pour les séances de dégustation et de photos interminables.

Dans l'esprit des sentiments évoqués par le souvenir du tout premier bol de gruau, nous avons créé un produit fait d'ingrédients simples et traditionnels. Nous espérons que vous serez transportés, comme nous, par ce même sentiment de nostalgie avec chaque bouchée.

L'Équipe de Talla